About us

The magic of an NFT is what it inspires. The doors it unlocks, the passionate communities that form around it, and the ways it can be endlessly reimagined and remixed.

We've worked at the intersection of machine learning and media for more than fifteen years at companies including YouTube, Google, OpenSea and Eora.

meet our team
meet our team

Optic is the smartest content recognition engine for Web3. Our mission is to bring transparency to the media on blockchains so all communities can realize their creative and economic potential.

So if someone falls in love with what you’ve made and creates incredible art with it, you’ll know. And if someone crops your image and claims it as their original work, you’ll know that too.

But we don’t police what happens next and leave that choice to the communities who create, love, and trade this content.

We know the power of that choice, and we’ve seen companies hoard it, earning billions by policing creativity. We want to put that choice back in the hands of the people who’ve built this ecosystem.

Our values

We're builders

We are here to build deep, fundamental tech and valuable end user products that propel the Internet to the next level

We’re open

We are open, honest and transparent in how we communicate and approach our work

We’re humble

The more we learn, the more we know how much we don’t know. That’s why we never stop learning, listening to feedback and striving to be a little better every day

We're collaborative

We play nice with each other, with our partners and with the world. We don’t tolerate assholes

Our team

Andrey Doronichev
CEO & Co-Founder
Vlad Vinogradov
CTO & Co-Founder
Roman Doronin
COO & Co-Founder
Raina Saboo
Head of Business
Max Fedin
Head of Blockchain
Anastasia Antipova
Head of Finance

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