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QA Automation Engineer

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Who you are

As a QA Engineer, you will develop, revise and maintain test plans, test cases and automated test scripts for customers end-to-end scenarios based on pre-determined product requirements as a part of a professional engineering team. You will validate fixes/features made by developer’s team as well as participate in patch validation process. You will work with the product development team and product management to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, you will be involved in driving continuous process improvements for the evolution of testing procedures.

What you bring to the table

  • Experience in automated testing from 3 years
  • Overall development experience in the Tech industry from 5 years
  • Good understanding of theory, testing methodologies and the ability to competently apply test design / test analysis techniques in practice
  • Knowledge and maintenance of automated testing tools
  • Industrial programming experience with Python
  • Understanding the principles of operation and infrastructure of modern web applications
  • Proficiency in Git
  • Basic Linux command line skills
  • Working knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Understanding the principles of operation of applications with a distributed architecture
  • Understanding of approaches to automated testing, knowledge of the basic patterns of designing autotests
  • Experience in developing automated tests in Python (sufficient for active participation in the development of an automation solution, implementation of tools, code review of colleagues, mentoring)
  • Experience with message brokers (RabbitMQ)
  • Experience in AWS
  • Experience work with Sentry, Grafana
  • Understanding of CI/CD processes (we use GitLab)
  • Experience in developing autotests for CV, ML

What will be an advantage

  • Understanding the work of neural networks, blockchain, and NFT
  • Experience in organizing and conducting load testing, and chaotic testing
  • Experience of participation in release engineering

What will you do

  • Creation, and scaling for test automation
  • Direct participation in the development of automation tools, as well as the autotests themselves. Target stack: microservice architecture in AWS cloud
  • Performing manual testing according to pre-prepared test scenarios
  • Participation in the discussion of the technical solution and development strategy for the architecture of autotests and the framework
  • Advising colleagues on test automation at the stage of code development
  • Participation in the work on the formation of test data for autotests and on preparing the environment for their launch
  • Requirements analysis, development of test documentation, planning, risk and time assessment
  • Localization and documentation of defects
  • Collaboration with SRE
  • Direct participation in the CI/CD process together with the team
  • Active interaction with all team members, joint decision-making
  • Making suggestions for optimizing and improving testing processes
  • Preparation of reports for the Test Lead of this project

What we offer

  • Opportunity to take part in cutting-edge product development with the guidance from world-class brand-name mentors
  • Competitive salary, considerate of the location
  • Remote work from Dubai (or with relocation support Work and Residency permits; etc)
  • Flexible working
  • Culture of transparency and continuous growth


Please, go ahead and apply.

Creating things from scratch

We are an early stage company, but our founders have lots of experience in building and scaling up teams. What it means is that our processes are setting up on the go as we grow together with our products. And that is why we are looking for you - to join us in making good decisions and building from the ground up. We would be happy if creating things from scratch excites you in the same fashion as it does us.

Equal opportunities

Optic is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We're committed to diversity and a working environment of psychological safety. We encourage applicants from all backgrounds and origins to apply.