November 28, 2022

How ‘Optic for Marketplaces’ helped OpenSea tackle NFT copymints in real time

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Detecting copymints in less than 0.5 secs

Last month, OpenSea announced the launch of real-time NFT copymint detection. We are delighted to announce that Optic's technology powers this feature as part of our comprehensive copymint detection solution, Optic for Marketplaces.

moderation tool

Continue reading to learn about the significant problem we are solving, the solution we have built, and the results achieved so far.

The Problem

Detecting NFT fraud in real time

The rapid growth of the NFT market in 2021 led to NFT counterfeits (copymints) quickly becoming a significant issue. Creators lost revenues to inauthentic NFT sales, and collectors lost trust in the NFT ecosystem, overall. As the first and leading web3 marketplace for NFT’s, OpenSea has been at the forefront of this challenge, and began building innovative solutions early – specifically looking for ways to address the vast copymint problem with high speed, recall, and precision. They turned to Optic for help in building this system.

The Solution

Optic’s comprehensive copymint detection solution for NFT marketplaces

With those goals in mind, and given the team’s deep AI experience and agility, OpenSea approached Optic to help build a customized, holistic product for NFT fraud detection. Within a few months, Optic set up dedicated infrastructure and resources for OpenSea to create an industry-leading copymint detection solution.

moderation tool

The solution has three core components:

  1. AI matching pipeline based on a proprietary neural network, specialized for NFT content and designed for bulk processing large volumes of media assets. OpenSea utilizes this technology to detect copymints in existing catalogs or scan batches of new assets every hour.
  2. Moderation tool with rich UX enabled OpenSea’s Trust & Safety team to update its authentic NFT reference set on the fly. The team also uses the tool in a workflow UI to review match results and make decisions on ambiguous cases.
  3. Realtime API detects copymints promptly and certain symbols within media assets (such as counterfeit blue checkmarks), allowing OpenSea to review all new assets uploaded on the marketplace in real-time and block inappropriate content from being listed.
moderation tool

Optic’s proprietary neural net is optimized to work with an index of over 100 million images, swiftly analyzing almost ten terabytes of media assets while maintaining high prediction accuracy and speed.

OpenSea’s content moderation team uses Optic’s moderation tool to review and make daily decisions on ambiguous copymint scenarios and can detect not only still images but animations too.

“The Optic team stood out for us due to their agility, deep AI expertise, and willingness to quickly build a comprehensive and custom copymint solution tailored for our complex needs.”

Saurabh Sharma | Head of Search Products, OpenSea

The Results

Real-time ability to detect copymints and take action

A key measure of success in tackling copymints was latency between a copymint being created and taking it down. Optic was able to bring that down to 400ms while being able to support an index size of 100 million images with 99.9% precision.

The ability to handle large volumes of data was also a key success indicator. Optic’s tool can process up to 300 assets per second, or 25M daily. Optic's abilities have thus been critical in building a safer, more trusted OpenSea and NFT ecosystem.

“Optic’s content moderation package is a key component in OpenSea’s Content Abuse mitigation solution. The performance and flexibility of Optic’s image similarity algorithms, and the scalability of its real-time API allow us to deploy sophisticated content protection in the NFT creation flow. Their integrated moderation tool plays a critical role to close the human and machine loop, enabling fast and highly accurate response.”

Fei Ye | Head of Trust and Safety, OpenSea

What’s next?

Following the success with Opensea, Optic is bringing the same powerful tech to NFT creators, ensuring everyone can have better control of their intellectual property.

Try out Optic’s IP management tool free for a limited time only:

Additionally, if you are interested in exploring other ways Optic’s products can help you, please reach out at We want to hear from you!

Let’s Chat

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