Protect your brand in Web3

Detect inappropriate use of your brand IP in NFTs. Optic continuously monitors all major marketplaces and blockchains to alert you of copymints or inappropriate brand usage and handles DMCA claims on your behalf.

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Get free Risk Report


Copymint detection
‘Fake blue checkmark’ detection
NSFW detection

Optic Engine Overview

Step 1

Optic has a Reference Set of all authentic NFTs

Step 2

Optic checks the incoming Corpus of NFTs to be validated against the Reference Set

Step 3

Optic returns a Match Score indicating how closely the inspected NFT matches an authentic NFT


Copymints detected to date



Detection accuracy



Authentic NFTs in reference database


<0.5 secs

Copymint detection time

What our customers say

“Optic is way beyond other services we evaluated in terms of match recall and precision and that’s one of many factors that drove our decision to become a customer.”

[  Shiva Rajaraman - CPO, OpenSea  ]

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